Implementing House Rules When Renting Out A Room

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My family is headstrong on saving money… or getting by being our own bosses. We are entrepreneurs, and we have a couple businesses in our home town. By having these businesses instead of full-time jobs, we’ve learned the tricks to surviving economical hardships.

One of these tricks is to rent a room in our home to a friend or co-worker. Below you’ll find my tips and topics of discussion revolving around building a roommate agreement everyone benefits from.

A roommate agreement is made.

Putting together a roommate agreement can prevent some of the stress that’s bound to come from having extra bodies in the house. Tv use, bathroom use, and parking arrangements are parts of what I’d call “the roommate agreement” .

Keep the house clean.

Having a friend living with us always has meant some sacrifice of how clean the house was. I recommend getting some ground rules established for being responsible for the upkeep of the home, laundry, and dishes.

I suggest having a chore chart or schedule. Adults and children sign up or are assigned to tasks to make the load lighter for the person who usually does it all. It would be wise to have regular house meetings for the adults to hash out the regular but annoying things that will need to be discussed. 

Get organized.

On the other side of things is the need for organization. Space can get tight, quickly, when a new adult moves all of or even some of their own belongings into your already filled home.

Have a garage sale, reorganize, and do a spring cleaning, are some tips to gain more space to use for living. The kitchen space is one that will need to be divided, depending on the arrangement you have with your new housemate, he or she will need room for their own food.

Once you’ve at least talked about these things with the new housemate, you can be ready to enjoy some new entertainment around the house, as a new person brings new tv-shows, new drama, new perspective, and best of all, money!

Whatever your reason to invite a new roommate to live with you, and the quirks the one you choose has; remember that your kids and your family’s mental health are very important and should be prioritized over any dollar amount that can be earned. 

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