How to Find the Best Deals for your Vacation!

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Quickly take $100 off your vacation budget by planning ahead. Get the most out of your vacation time: Plan Ahead & Save Money: Surprising way to save money.

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Planning your trip: don’t waste your money!

The best trick here is definitely a per person savings of more than $100. Tourist traps are a big problem, especially near Disney, in my most recent experiences.

I’m a researcher. I find the best deal before I click BUY NOW. Some things that I’ve learned about looking for travel discounts will be found in this article.

I’ve settled into buying timeshares and vacation clubs just to make vacationing a priority for my family, but since then have noticed that the general public gets good deals, just as often. It is so important to look in advance, when the demand and prices are lower.

Flexible date discount

When I’m planning for the trip, I usually keep my dates flexible, as I’ll find out in the early stages of planning which weeks have the lower price tags. My kids’ dad and I are both entrepreneurs who make our own schedule, so vacation is just a place where we do our work several weeks of the year.

I research activities and attractions that my kids and I are interested in trying, I compare the costs, locations, and other factors to decide what we will do when we get there, besides hang out by the pool and take naps of course.

For my family, I plan that at least every other day should be a “pool day” where we eat breakfast and lunch by the pool or in the room. The rest I should fill in dinners, shops, water slides, and a little driving.

We usually choose one of the pricey parks for a day, and then fill in with some visits to specialty shops, themed dinner, and wildlife viewing. By the time we visit with family or friends in the area, and check out a beach or other natural attraction, the trip is over.

A kitchen in our unit is not optional.

This being said, the resort is half the value. The pool, food, activities, and services available onsite area all factors and must-haves for my family. Although resort stays are more expensive than a traditional hotel, the cost not endured going out to eat every single meal is easily recouped. A kitchen in our unit is not optional.

Get the best deals for your vacation.

I use my timeshare points to accomplish the room, the flights, and rentals at a discount. You can, too, without all the hassle of buying your own. Whether you find a family friend or ask to be my guest.

Although I pay a mortgage on my time and points in the system, I can use my points and time all around the world for a minimal price. I hope after reading this you will find the perfect place for you. Check out just one of my exchange companies. To book anything it charges me a minimum of $250. I can offer my guests a lot of week-long stays for less than $500.

contact smiles for miles

To sweeten the deal, I can match competitors (get in touch, here) rates afterwards if you let me know you find it for less online. (Flights, cruises, car rentals, resort stays) I encourage doing a lot of your own online research about the place you stay and the services they provide. A phone call into them to specifically ask about your stay is sometimes the best way to get clarifications.

tricks for saving money on vacation orlando florida
Click this pic for a post specific to traveling to the Orlando area with kids.

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