Memory Foam Mattresses: Don’t spend $1000 for a bed-in-a-box.

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Please click around to see what I found while shopping for my own room.

On the hunt for a new king-sized mattress, I was confronted with the need to decide: bed in a box shipped to my house or buy the traditional innerspring mattress?

I’d recently tried a 4 inch memory foam cool topper, which I paid way too much for at Kohl’s. Don’t make the same mistake I did. Check out the prices online. We liked the feel and the nice cover that came with it, however, we felt like we were rolling into each other or falling into the bed. We did this at the end of the life of our current mattress, so I believed it was time for a new mattress all together, and not worth our time trying to top the thing off with something comfortable. I decided on a foam bed-in-a-box. They also have coil or innerspring mattresses in a box, I just decided against it.

You don’t need a box spring.

So here I was, unsure about the memory foam, and other foam, mattresses. One thing I learned is that most of them could be used with the platform style frames. The need for a box spring can be done away with, by choosing the right frame.

Some of the frames I found online were risen from the floor an ideal height to store things under the bed. This black one above was less than $100.

Some had drawers and additional storage solutions. Click to see what I found.

Mattress in a box brands

The biggest takeaway I have from my research is that there are so many different brands of bed in a box foam mattresses. The brand names you’ve seen commercials for are quite a bit more expensive than the unbranded quality mattresses you can find on eBay and amazon. With a money-back guarantee and free shipping, it’s worth a try, don’t worry about brands.

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I found a king sized memory foam mattress that comes within 6 business days to my door for less than $300. Free shipping, 30 day money-back guarantee, and a description of the product’s makeup that is similar to the branded types.

The contributing factors to my purchase, and I’m sure what differentiates the many companies are this:

  1. Thickness
  2. Type of foam used
  3. Firmness
  4. Size
  5. Freebies that came with it- some came with two foam pillows
  6. Money-back guarantee- within a window of time
  7. Green or hypoallergenic ?
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With a money-back guarantee and free shipping, why not try it? Who cares if you saw the brand on TV!

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