Watch the presentation, eat the free food, DON’T buy a timeshare!

There may be affiliate links in this post which earn me commissions at no cost to you. I usually just try to cover my costs in fees and annual dues to the timeshare exchange companies.

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Okay, so you’re wondering why I’d be bashing the timeshare business, and the most negative thing I can think to say, would be that most people who own a timeshare do not utilize it for its true value. The people who own timeshares do not take as much vacation as they’re paying for.

My recommendation is to find someone who already owns a timeshare, like me, and ask to be their guest. The best resorts, amenities, services, discounts, and insider specials come through timeshare exchange companies. As an owner, I can have a guest travel using my invested value at any time, to any place.

For example, the week we “bought” is in December. We don’t ever travel in December, but the week we bought is valuable and a part of the busy season at the home resort. Per the agreement we have with our exchange company, instead of booking a vacation every year on this date, the value of it is deposited and I often turn it in for 10-12 weeks at other resorts, in different seasons, countries, or years.

Who takes 10 weeks vacation a year?

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I don’t! But I did have 10 happy friends last year.

I think a lot of people would love to take this much vacation, but the reality is that most of us can’t. Work, finances, and other restrictions keep us from truly enjoying the initial investment made in our timeshares.

Although I personally cannot travel as often as my timeshare affords for me, I can utilize its value by inviting others to be my guest.

The cost to utilize this asset is minimal in comparison to booking through the online agents and discount sites.

Although I pay a mortgage on my time and points in the system, I can use my points and time all around the world for a minimal price. I hope after reading this you will find the perfect place for you. Check out just one of my exchange companies. To book anything it charges me a minimum of $250. I can offer my guests a lot of week-long stays for less than $500.

Timeshare presentation- it doesn’t hurt to watch it…

I’ve seen my share of presentations while on vacation. There’s usually stipulations, a free gift, a meal, and a big waste of time involved. After declining multiple offers, discovering the values of the place you’re viewing, and tapping your fingers while you wait for the next offer on the table, you’ll find that the free gift is real, and if you really wanted to utilize the value in your timeshare, it would be worth buying.

If you have a few hours to spare, and you’re committed not to wasting any of your vacation money, you can get in and out of the presentation without making a purchase. The free gifts are worth it if you make it through this way. Sometimes I’m baited with a hotel stay, discounted park tickets, cash, or complimentary sit-down dining.

Be smart, Be Our Guest

I use my timeshare points to accomplish the room, the flights, and rentals at a discount. You can, too, without all the hassle of buying your own. Whether you find a family friend or ask to be my guest.

best deal on cruises, best deal on flights, best deal on resorts

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