How To Cruise For Cheap (without making the same mistake I did)

There may be affiliate links in this post which earn me commissions at no cost to you. I usually just try to cover my costs in fees and annual dues to the timeshare exchange companies.

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Don’t skip past this post! It could save you hundreds on everything travel!

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Hi there, thanks for taking a look at my posts. I’m just an entrepreneur-at-home-mom who is hoping to utilize something I’ve wasted money on! I’m hoping you haven’t already made the same mistake I did.

I bought (a few) timeshares.

Yep, I listened to the “free cruise” sales call, I booked the trip with inclusive meals, I watched the presentation, went on the cruise, got the freebies, and saw the savings in buying a timeshare: if I could vacation as much as I wanted.

Let me rephrase that: I can only get my money’s worth on what I bought, at the moment, if I had the money to vacation as much as I wanted. They had me dreaming, but I can still recoup my investment over time if I share my value with “guests” of mine. You’ll see on my site, Be My Guest, and it’s the invitation to utilize the ridiculous amount of vacation time I have wasted in the past.

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I bought a Vacation Club membership.

Have you watched the presentation and bought into the vacation club? The one I’m a part of offers a lowest price guarantee of sorts. If you’re already getting the updates on pricing or continuously checking the fluctuation of prices, utilizing this tool can be very rewarding. This is one way I can save you money by sharing my membership. Be My Guest

I have a lot of points.

This travel currency is the plain and simple way that I can offer any complimentary flights or accommodations to my guests. Both the exchange companies and the vacation club have a system of points. The best thing I’ve noticed about the vacation club is that booking certain travel, cruises right now, earns me extra points.

Resorts Anywhere

Although I pay a mortgage on my time and points in the system, I can use my points and time all around the world for a minimal price. I hope after reading this you will find the perfect place for you. Check out just one of my exchange companies. To book anything it charges me a minimum of $250. I can offer my guests a lot of week-long stays for less than $500.

Other Travel Perks

Through both the timeshare exchange companies and the vacation club, I have access to a reserved inventory of regular hotels, flights, cruises, car rentals, excursion reservations, and various other travel-related services. This means if you’re planning a trip, with or without a cruise, I can probably use points I already have to make things happen for cheap! Please send me a message on Pinterest or via email.

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