Free Parking and Shuttle in Orlando, Florida

Don’t have a free shuttle at your hotel? Use this tip to save $100 on your next trip.

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With the cost of a Disney vacation sky high: use this amenity you’re already paying for.

Disney Resorts have a shuttle

Some resorts offer many amenities that others do not, but if you’re a little bold like we are, you can benefit from these amenities by doing this one simple trick.

Traveling from A to B on vacation, expecially in a town full of adventures and tourism, can be pricey. The cost of an uber, the cost to park the car, and the time to wait for these things can add up quick.

Resorts with a restaurant inside will often allow guests or patrons to park for free, walking distance from the restaurant or hotel entrance. Knowing where these onsite Disney restaurants are can be a good hotspot for free parking amidst the tourism traps.

Disney Vacations without the cost

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Disney Vacations can become expensive, between souviniers, weather-fighting-gear, out-to-eat and themed adventures, it’s not just the days at the Amusement Park that break the bank.

Get What You Paid For & Take Advantage of Disney

Free Parking & Shuttle to Nearby Attractions

This trick isn’t just for Disney, use it wherever you go, the best resorts, the best attractions have this set up already.

Step 1: Where will you park?

Resorts who offer free shuttle to the nearest attractions: find them near by.

Step 2: When does the shuttle run?

Look online or call the lobby at the resort, ask when the shuttles run to the park you’re interested in.

Step 3: What restaurant or attraction at the resort are you visiting?

Find out what the onsite restaurant or attraction is called at this particular place.

Step 4: Park for Free.

Instead of driving straight into Disney World or your favorite park, paying for parking, walking from the parking lot or being shuttled in, park for free at the resort by letting the entrance attendant know that you’re there to have dinner at the restaurant they have.

Step 5: Shuttle to Disney for Free.

Walk right up to the shuttle service waiting area, check out the estimated arrival time of your desired shuttle bus! Voila! Free parking and shuttle to Disney.

A few Disney Resorts with Shuttle to Disney Parks- for quick reference.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge–  There’s much more to do here, even if you’re not a guest of the resort. One of the restaurants inside is called Boma.

Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort- 
The Banana Cabana is where you can drink!

Disney’s All-Star Movies Resort- The poolside bar is called Silverscreen Spirits.

Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort-This one has a highly rated pool. The Lilo & Stitch themed restaurant is called O’hana.

Free parking at the resort is allowed, check my sources.

Here’s Disney’s page that explains the benefits of actually booking a night or two at a Disney Themed Resort. A strategy I employ on trips to Orlando that include any Disney attractions, be it water parks, museums, or theme parks.

Here’s the page where it describes Disney’s day-parking policy.

If you’ve made it this far in the post: think about how much money you already will have spent on the day at the park or shopping at the themed stores: get what you pay for by taking advantage of this trick.

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