How to Organize Your Board Games with just 4 household items- and save space!

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Why Organize the Games?

organize your board games using stuff you already have around the house
Have a pile or bag of smashed board game boxes? Keep reading for a cheap and effective way to organize them.

Looking for the printable chore charts for families and adult households? Click here.

Avoiding the House Cleaning Checklist

This all started with my house cleaning checklist. The list I know is waiting for me, whenever I make time, and it embarrasses me when I realize how long it’s been since I cleaned that bathroom.

The reason this is what started me down the board game organization rabbit hole is because I was procrastinating my working on the cleaning checklist.

I’m the type of procrastinator that although I have the time and the energy and the desire for the to-do list to get done, I will find anything else to do than what I’m supposed to, even if it’s harder and more time consuming, and has less importance to my life.

Save Space By Organizing the Board Games

This past week I found myself feeling guilty about the cleaning checklist I hadn’t worked on much, and voila! I had the idea to attack the game cupboard(s), something I’d briefly dreamed of before.

I’ve seen plenty of great ideas for keeping them from falling all over the place, but what it came down to at our house was that the boxes had broken down, and weren’t keeping the pieces inside anymore. This may have more to do with the 5 and 6-year-olds helping themselves to game-time, but we won’t get into that.

Like I said, I have the desire for things to get done, just not when they’re supposed to be. This past Christmas, we received more than 5 new games for our collection. I think that put us at over 30 games, each in their own box, some in different closets and corners.

de-clutter your board games, board game closet organization

Baskets from Goodwill

The boxes are always bigger than they need to be.

By eliminating the boxes I was able to reduce the amount of space being used to house our games. I used three different baskets to create three separate batches of 10 family board games, each. No need for a new shelf or any painting. Although this is cool.

board-game-de-clutter games for kids
Are the boxes important? Laminate the logos when you discard the box.

In one basket, I put all of our Junior versions of adult games and Trivial Pursuit. In another I put all the dice and card games. The third has Trouble, Sorry, and Candyland.

Tupperware Containers, Bags, Gift Boxes, & Rubberbands

Game Pieces & Directions

Keep it simple by putting the different game pieces in labeled sandwich baggies or small plastic tupperware containers. I was able to use rubber bands around the decks of cards, old babyfood containers with lids for dice and game pieces, and other gift boxes to store the games individually.

Keep the directions with the boards.

3-ring Binder

The Board Game Logos

Too in love with the logos and the visual that the box offers? Depending on how much time and materials you want to put into this, cut the box logo to letter size, you could either use page protectors or laminate the cutouts.

You could display the protected box-logos, directions, and game-boards in a binder, and retrieve the rest of the game pieces after selecting the game you’d like to play.

Enjoy Game Time More

When we agree to play a game, instead of letting the kids decide on the game beforehand, we agree that they can pick the basket and we’ll go through it to make the final decision on what to play.

We often find that our games are missing a game piece, ran out of notepad paper, or don’t have a minute timer that came with them. By having the many games in one place, finding the necessary pieces quickly is so easy, just use one from another game. Also, I stashed extra pens and notepads in the baskets.

Not only did I reduce the amount of space we used for our board games, I was able to do an inventory of the games which inspired us to play some we hadn’t in a while.

Need a creative gift for a friend?

A game basket can be an inexpensive and personalized gift, and inexpensive to put together if you utilize the $3 games you can find at goodwill or salvation army family store. Don’t waste money on a brand new game- or it’s box! Thrift shopping is the answer!

To read my article on the #1 way to save money on Gift Baskets, click here.

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